our business

 1. Produced and fabricated products
  Industrial & medical adhesive tape
  Plastic film / board
  Medical device, quasi-drug, cosmetic
  Safety and security product
  Paper, rubber, resin, metal
  Priniting and its label
  Sewn product
 2. Selling products
  Occupational health and eivironmental safety product
  Sales of health & safety goods
  Eco-friendly goods and safety & security related goods
  Clean room equipment
  Air and aqua filter
  Food safety product
  Industrial & medical adhesive tape
  Industrial product
  Miscellaneous daily goods
 3. Facility & Machine related Business
  Equipment work and Repair, Maintenance
  Planning, Design work, Supervision, Construction and Sales of Machine & Tools
 4. Consulting Services
  Safety and health special training for full harness type fall arrest equipment
 5. Contract business
  Product inspection, packaging and shipping
  Printing, manufacturing ,glass and pressing product
  Plastic converting
  Converting and treatment by machine
 6. Others
  Poisons or deleterious substanes selling
  Transportation business
  Alcohol substanes selling


1.   Occupational hygiene, safety and security products
(glove, mask etc.)
2.   Plastic film, adhesive tape and their processing
3.   Air and aqua filter
4.   Cleaning products
5.   Paper, rubber, plastic, metal products and their processing
Please give us an inquiry,
as handling a various manufacturer's products